A little history.

 The company was founded in 2003 in Poland at the foot of the beautiful Tatra Mountains.
The name “ELON” – means oak with strong root.

The company’s production is based on our own proprietary animal-hats designs. The first collection of such hats was established in 2003. Then came other projects that are known and liked in many countries of the world.

It was the beginning of the global “hat revolution”!


Where did the idea come from?

We like animals. We support the international animal protection movement. We give an alternative to using natural fur in production, replacing it with no less beautiful and warm eco fur, leaving the animals alive.


Our products are ecological.

For our products, we carefully select the highest quality raw materials – ECO fur, wool, cotton and linen.

Constant development and new products.

We draw from the depths of God’s inspirations. We still have many ideas that we develop and gradually implement into production.

Recently, the range has been expanded to include other types of goods: vests – pets, pillows – pets, slippers-pets.

Why do they choose us?

-Own production                                               -Original design

-A wide range                                                    -Many years of experience

-Hundreds of satisfied customers                -Flexible prices for wholesale customers

-Guarantee of quality                                       -New collections

 -Long-term cooperation                                 -Customer care

All our goods are original and have COPYRIGHT, and most of them are registered in the International Patent Office. OHIM.

What motivates us?

The encouragement to create new designs and our biggest motivation is sincere smile and joy on the faces of children and adults who see and buy our products.

Everything we do, we do it carefully with love and we want to share it with others!